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And yes, our paper sticks on everything. Have you ever walked into the stationery store and wonder how nice would it be if you could design & customize your very own stickers & labels? Our high quality gloss paper sticker does it!

Best of all? Our Papers are compatiable with all Laser & Ink Jet Printers :)

Discover Endless Fun & Ideas with our Paper Stickers!

you can now create professional or personal stickers by yourself, anytime!

Our Paper Quality

Our Papers are made Acid-Free which is archive safe and prevents the sticker from yellowing over time.

Our Papers are laminated with Micron Gloss Layer which allow Printer's ink dye to imprint on but protects your sticker with its glossy smooth finish.

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See Awesome ideas & 101 Ways to use our Paper!

From creating an unique skin for your laptop to creating an impression on your products to customising of party door gifts. There's so much unlimited possibilities of what you can do!

All Printers Friendly

Our A4 Paper Stickers are printable with all models of Laser & Inkjet Printers. Watch our Printer Test here!

Decorating a Gift?

Whether its decorating a gift or to zest up an merchandise, just customize your design, print it, cut it and stick it!

Make a Sticker!

Draw it, scan it & print it! Make your very own sticker in minutes! Dont wanna draw? Thats fine, copy & paste pictures into your wordpad & print it like a document! Then cut to size & stick it!

DIY Laptop Skin

Are you bored of commercial stickers? Try us, print any design you desire, cut it out & stick it on! Now, thats being original!!

Business Solutions

Create Business Labels and your very own company's Sticker or Decal instantly! Need help in getting a message or instruction across to the audiences? Print it out & Stick it wherever desire!

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Our Paper Stickers are awesome.